Thursday, 8 December 2011

AIDS and Terrorism in Africa: A Theory

I’m not sure what to make of this theory…while I think it merits a stronger looks, this may be another case of somehow blaming the US for the AIDS crisis in Africa. I’ve seen theories that US covert action in Iran in the 50’s set the framework for today’s Islamo-fascist (I pointedly disagree), so an AIDS conspiracy theory tying US action (or lack of action) to terror would not surprise me. Anyway this short piece is worth the read.

“In order to protect our country’s future, we must do a far better job of addressing the root causes of terrorism. All of the signs exist that AIDS may create conditions for terrorism to thrive in Africa during the next decade. Yet we are doing precious little to address the symptoms – political, economic, and social - underlying these potential threats. A massive pre-emptive strike against the greatest cause of hopelessness and misery on the African continent will help protect America from the next generation of terrorists in the decade to come.”

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